The Next Great Captain, Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is the centerpiece of the New York Yankees for the last three years. I feel like my first post about the Yanks has to be about him. Aaron is the most talented individual on the Yankees, and might be the most talented person in the league. As a rookie, Aaron judge was a hero to many. Breaking the home run record for rookies and sending the Yankees into a playoff run when the team was said by many to be in a rebuilding faze. He was able to hit over 25 home runs last year, and he is currently on pace for around 25 home runs again. His last two seasons he has had injuries that are holding his overall stats back. 

Aaron Judge may just be seen as great on the field, anyone who is a Yankee fan knows that the greatest thing about him is his character. He carries himself as well as anyone after games. He will be the first person to compliment others on his team. He will never take the credit for a gaming winning hit or simply performing well. He is one of a kind in todays game, he is unselfish and he is humble. Coming from a gigantic man, this is very rare to see. Judge is not simply great with media, he is also great with young kids trying to enjoy the games. Watching him he will be the first person on the Yankees to go and sign a ball for kids. He will do anything to make the crowd happy.

Many reports say that Judge is the Next captain. Obviously the last captain was a major character in New York. Derek Jeter was able to be the face of New York for close to 15 years. He was so focused on his image, and how he presented himself. I think Judge does not care about his image, he just wants to be a good teammate. He embodies everything it takes to be a captain on a ball club. He is focused on winning, and only winning, and produces at a level that has never been seen before.

Giancarlo IS BACK WOO!

Giancarlo Stanton, the guy is just huge. He is one of the most powerful men in baseball currently, and he has been a humongous pickup for the yankees. He has been there for 3 year and his been an impact player the first two years. This year he has really been crushed with injuries, the Yankees have been able to pick up the slack without him. The yankees currently have 102 wins and he has played less than a quarter of the season. Now he is back and getting right just in time for the most important time of the year. 

The yankees lineup will be electric with the addition of Giancarlo. The yankees already call themselves savages, and now they have a former MVP back!!! Best case scenario for the team, he can compete in the outfield and will start every game in the playoffs out there if he is able to stay healthy. Which he will most likely be able to do.  He looks like a completely new man on the field now. He has completely changed his body shape, he looks like he lost a ton of weight. He is looking to stay healthy and his muscle structure was too big to stay healthy, now he looks cut and ready to go. He has been a strong influence in the yankees lineup for the two previous years. He carried them while Aaron Judge was injured last year. He was able to hit 30 homeruns as a yankee as well as lead the team in Runs Batted In. He was honestly one of the best players in the league and extremely undervalued. Most people would not take him the year after he won the MVP because of his contract. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to those teams, HE IS REALLY GOOD. The Yankees had money to spend, and I believe they did the right thing picking up an MVP who has had over 60 homeruns in a season.

The Kraken, the Good the Bad and the Ugly

There has been a lot of hate on Gary Sanchez during his career. He has been called lazy, unathletic and sloppy defensively. Gary is spoken about negatively often, but the guy can simply play.  It took gary the least games out of anyone in the league to reach his 100th home run. He has been seen as a reliable hitter, who is known for his power, but also has had years where he hit over 30 homeruns and had an average of over 275. 

Gary proved himself as a rookie and his second year. He went from being the hottest rookie in baseball at the time, he played 40 games and hit over 300 with close to 15 home runs. He was competing for the rookie of the year with only playing around 60 games in general. His second season was just as good. He was able to win a silver slugger award as a catcher. Garys only flaw was 2 years ago when he was battling injuries that really affected him in a negative way. 

Gary has been stereotyped by many as a lazy player, is he lazy or is defense simply the one hole in his game. Gary is an absolute menace at the plate, saying that he is anything besides someone who can change a game is absurd. He is looking at his second potential silver slugger award this year and it is well deserved.