The Next Great Captain, Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is the centerpiece of the New York Yankees for the last three years. I feel like my first post about the Yanks has to be about him. Aaron is the most talented individual on the Yankees, and might be the most talented person in the league. As a rookie, Aaron judge was a hero to many. Breaking the home run record for rookies and sending the Yankees into a playoff run when the team was said by many to be in a rebuilding faze. He was able to hit over 25 home runs last year, and he is currently on pace for around 25 home runs again. His last two seasons he has had injuries that are holding his overall stats back. 

Aaron Judge may just be seen as great on the field, anyone who is a Yankee fan knows that the greatest thing about him is his character. He carries himself as well as anyone after games. He will be the first person to compliment others on his team. He will never take the credit for a gaming winning hit or simply performing well. He is one of a kind in todays game, he is unselfish and he is humble. Coming from a gigantic man, this is very rare to see. Judge is not simply great with media, he is also great with young kids trying to enjoy the games. Watching him he will be the first person on the Yankees to go and sign a ball for kids. He will do anything to make the crowd happy.

Many reports say that Judge is the Next captain. Obviously the last captain was a major character in New York. Derek Jeter was able to be the face of New York for close to 15 years. He was so focused on his image, and how he presented himself. I think Judge does not care about his image, he just wants to be a good teammate. He embodies everything it takes to be a captain on a ball club. He is focused on winning, and only winning, and produces at a level that has never been seen before.

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